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More Willingness. Indeed, in recent years, countries with bank secrecy laws have shown more willingness to cooperate in fighting internationally orchestrated crimes.

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Trott said. No special inducements were granted the Cayman Islands to get their cooperation, he added. Under terms of the agreement signed in Georgetown, Grand Cayman, United States and Cayman officials will cooperate in providing bank, business and government records; the taking of testimony of depositions of witnesses; searches and seizures of evidence, and the transferring of individuals in custody for testimony. In addition to drug trafficking, money laundering and insider trading, the treaty permits the Cayman Islands to turn over bank records in cases involving tax fraud, false tax statement filings and securities frauds, such as stock manipulation and theft.

Cayman Islands 12222 Crime & Safety Report

The treaty, however, will not cover simple tax evasion, since the Cayman Islands do not have any tax laws. Business U. Log In. View on timesmachine. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers.

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To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. This is why Yabsta decided to compile a guide to safety and crime in Cayman. Whether you're a tourist or local resident, it's important to be aware of the range of criminal activity on island, both typical and on-the-rise. Taking proper preventative measures is key to protecting you and your family from becoming a victim. This guide will cover topics such as which crimes are most prevalent, things to avoid, what to do if you become a victim, police resources in the islands and more.

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Common Crimes The most common crimes committed in the Cayman Islands are ones often associated with travel and tourism. These include petty theft, purse snatching and pick pocketing, as well as outright mugging.

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While you needn't worry about having your towel and runners stolen off of the beach, leaving high-profile items unattended, such as designer bags or sunglasses, is not recommended. While in Cayman, you may be encouraged or pressured to purchase illegal drugs, counterfeit goods or pirated goods.

Purchasing and holding these types of materials is strongly discouraged, as the Royal Cayman Islands Police stringently enforce these laws. In many cases, pirated and counterfeit materials are also illegal in the United States. Current Issues saw a rise of gang-related activity in Cayman which was accompanied by a rise in gun possession and violence. Though the Royal Cayman Islands Police have since curbed this issue and significantly decreased the number of related murders occurring, there remains an issue with guns that is currently being addressed.

Constables patrol the streets of the islands 24 hours a day, every day, and there are approximately officers, more than 60 support staff and a number of Special Constables available. The RCIP are dedicated to maintaining peace in the islands, and ensuring the safety of all citizens and visitors. Crime Reporting The Royal Cayman Islands Police Crime Desk serves to record all reported crimes and incidents, and it is also the area from which emergency calls are dispatched.

While you should always call and report your location and the assistance required in an emergency, you can either call the RCIP Crime Desk, or visit a police station in person, to report a non-emergency. Victims and witnesses are encouraged to come forward and speak with the police.

Criminal Records Office - Royal Cayman Islands Police Service

Once you make a report, you will be given a unique reference number. This can be used to investigate the progress of your report, and is also handy if you're submitting an insurance claim. Following the report, the RCIP will investigate the situation and, if necessary, collect evidence and make an arrest.

The Crime Desk is open 7 days a week, from 7am to pm.

Press Room

If you have tips or information regarding a crime that has been committed and you would like to remain anonymous, you can call Cayman Crime Stoppers. Crime Reduction and Prevention Property and Household Burglary is not common in the Cayman Islands, but it's better to be safe than sorry!

Mail call: violent crimes

Home security is key to avoiding a spur of the moment break in. Always lock your doors and windows regardless of how long you're going to be gone, and don't hide spare keys in obvious places. Timed lighting, radio, and visible alarms are both effective deterrents. Vehicles Avoid vehicle theft and robbery by locking the doors, closing the windows completely, and hiding all valuables such as expensive electronics, gadgets and sunglasses. If you are leaving your vehicle at home, do not keep the keys in an obvious place — put them away instead.

Anchor scooters and bicycles to something secure with a good-quality lock.