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We have preserved this new order, but we have colored the sending dioceses and religious orders to make the list easier to use. This list contains important assignment information for these accused priests and brothers. On this page, we present that information as bulleted items. When we moved text to create the bullets, we put the moved text in square brackets. In the Keeler and Lori assignments, the location of the church is often not provided. See also our page with the assignments and allegations formatted in block paragraphs, as they are in Lori's title tags.

We have created an Excel spreadsheet with all the assignment information in sortable form. The Excel sheet reveals that accused priests have worked in at least 94 Baltimore parishes. Many parishes were assigned numerous accused priests over the years. For example, according to the archdiocese's own assignment information, at St.

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Mark's parish in Catonsville , no fewer than 7 accused priests worked for a total of 38 person years. These allegations were reported to the Capuchins. Brother Avant had left the Capuchins in Mary's Seminary and University in Baltimore. Ball was ordained in for the Diocese of LaCrosse. In he was incarcerated in Wisconsin for another incident of abuse. Banko was a student at St. He served in the Diocese of Metuchen after it was divided from the Diocese of Trenton.

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The Archdiocese informed the Dioceses of Trenton and Metuchen of the allegation. Father Bauernfeind retired in the late s, and in April his faculties to perform ministry were removed. This allegation was denied by Father Blackwell. In , an individual alleged sexual abuse by Father Blackwell beginning in the late s, and Father Blackwell admitted the allegation. The Archdiocese removed Father Blackwell's faculties to function as a priest in In , additional individuals alleged sexual abuse in the s to s.

Father Blackwell's circumstances have been widely covered in parish meetings and through the media. The allegations against Father Brett have been widely covered in the media.

Patrick Cumberland , and St. The Archdiocese informed the Redemptorists of this allegation. These allegations were reported to the Redemptorists and Father Bugge's faculties were removed. Mary Annapolis from to and in Father Carney denied the allegation in , but upon being confronted again in he acknowledged that he had engaged in inappropriate conduct. The Archdiocese removed his faculties to perform any ministry at that time. Father Carroll was removed from ministry in and was laicized in Father Cox admitted to sexual misconduct with minors from to The Archdiocese removed his faculties to perform any ministry and placed him on administrative leave.

Against the recommendation of the Archdiocese, in Father Cox returned to Resurrection Farm, a facility not affiliated with the Archdiocese. In and , the Archdiocese made numerous public statements about Father Cox's misconduct, sought information on other possible victims, and informed the community that the Archdiocese did not approve of Father Cox's return to Resurrection Farm or the use of Resurrection Farm for any youth activities. In March , another individual alleged sexual abuse by Father Cox from about to Father Cox was charged with child sexual offenses in May Father Cox has had no faculties within the Archdiocese since Father Cox became a priest of the Archdiocese of Baltimore in John Westminster and St.

The Archdiocese informed the Capuchins of the allegation. Father Deakin had left the priesthood and Capuchins in , and pled guilty to sex offenses relating to this allegation in Martin Baltimore from to Father Dowdy admitted to sexual abuse involving two minors.

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The Archdiocese removed Father Dowdy from his position as associate pastor and removed his faculties to perform any ministry. Thomas Seminary in Califonia; it is in Seattle. Dowdy's educational leave and assignment to St. Matthew's are not included in the Official Catholic Directories. At that time, Monsignor Duke was retired, blind, in very poor health, and not able to engage in any kind of ministry.

Monsignor Duke admitted to sexually abusing numerous minors between and Monsignor Duke died in Since that time, a number of individuals alleged sexual abuse by Father Walter Emala during the mid s to mid s. The individual declined to cooperate with the Archdiocese, and to avoid further communication, hastily denied the allegation without providing further information at that time. Father Farabaugh also denied the allegation. In , the same alleged victim met with the Archdiocese and related detailed allegations of sexual abuse by Father Farabaugh. The additional information was reported by the Archdiocese to civil authorities, who were investigating Father Farabaugh at the time of his death.

Father Farabaugh died on December 12, Paul Latin until , when he was transferred to Cardinal Gibbons, according to the Directory. At that time, the victim was an adult. Father Gallagher had retired in In , the victim met with the Archdiocese and related allegations of sexual abuse. At that time, Father Gallagher admitted inappropriate conduct and his faculties to perform ministry were removed.

Joseph Gallagher to N. Caroline St. Paul Latin High School. In , the Directory indexes Gallagher to St. Mary's Seminary, and then as Absent with Leave Directory , and then as on special assignment, with the address of Park Ave, Baltimore. The location of that special assignment is changed to St. Mary's Seminary in the and Directories.

The Directory apparently does not index him, and does not list him as a retired priest. The Directory indexes and lists Gallagher as adjunct faculty at St. Mary's Seminary, and not as retired.

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The Directory indexes and lists him as retired. The Archdiocese reported this allegation to the Benedictines.

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Benedict Baltimore from to At the time of the alleged events, Haight was a seminarian for the Diocese of Albany at St. Father Haight was ordained by the Diocese of Albany in The Archdiocese of Baltimore informed the Diocese of Albany of the allegation and learned that Father Haight was removed from ministry in and that the Diocese of Albany had settled two cases involving allegations of child sexual abuse against Haight.

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Father Haight was a student at St. Ambrose Church Baltimore from to The Archdiocese of Baltimore informed the Diocese of Youngstown that Father Hammer's faculties to perform ministry in the Archdiocese of Baltimore were being removed in In , the Archdiocese of Baltimore learned that Father Hammer had been serving as a priest in the Diocese of Saginaw since He resigned in April because of an allegation of sexual abuse from before Agnes Hospital is listed for these years as having a Resident Chaplain, Rev.

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Daniel Free CP. Later that year, Father Helowicz pled guilty to a sexual offense involving that individual. Father Helowicz's faculties to perform ministry were removed in Between and two other individuals alleged that Father Helowicz had sexually abused them in the early s. Mary Cumberland from to When confronted about these allegations, Father Hopkins admitted to sexual misconduct with a number of minors from the late s to early s. Father Hopkins had retired just prior to the receipt of these allegations and his faculties to perform any ministry were removed.

Patrick Cumberland from to Mary Annapolis from to [Associate Pastor] He left the priesthood in In he was removed from his parish, received treatment, and was assigned to hospital ministry. He left ministry permanently in Theodore M. Wisnieski, and Deacons Daneil sic R.