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Very challenging and spontaneous. You never know what will break down. I started my job search based on where I wanted to live, close to home. If you don't mind being a ways from home, I'd suggest searching for a position that has the best salary to cost of living ratio.

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Jet in Hampstead, New Hampshire. Get your FCC general radiotelephone operator license , if you don't already have it. This will be an extra on your resume and may give you an edge over another similarly qualified applicant.

Navy Social Life - partying,girls,video games & more

Also stay brushed up on your basic electronic theory and formulas, the stuff you don't use everyday on the job and only use for tests! You probably know what I mean.

Fake Apologies Are on the Rise

You'll most likely have to take a qualifications test for any tech job. There is a lot of work for electronics technicians at the Air Force bases near Las Vegas. JT3 LLC is looking for a bunch right now. Brian in Murrieta, California. Position requires flexible shift work and ability to travel. Maintains, repairs, and installs various types of electronic equipment and related devices such as electronic transmitting and receiving equipment e.

Applies technical knowledge of electronics principles in determining equipment malfunctions, and applies skill in restoring equipment operations. Work requires familiarity with the interrelationships of circuits and judgment in planning work sequence and in selecting tools and testing instruments. Receives technical guidance, as required, from supervisor or higher level technician, and work is reviewed for compliance with accepted practices. May provide technical guidance to lower level technicians.

Minimum 7 years maintenance and modification experience with Marine Corps rotary wing aircraft required. Ability to work flexible schedules. Extensive travel may be required. We maintain a drug-free workplace and perform pre-employment substance abuse testing.


Secretary of the Navy Thanks Oshkosh Defense for Work on JLTV Program - Oshkosh Defense

I don't want to overload your email, but I found some more openings. I'm just trying to help out. I know how daunting it is to find a civilian job, when you're coming from the military. But believe me, the demand for your services is out there. You just have to look. When you log on to the career search of the big companies like LM or NG, diversify your search terms.

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You could search for "avionics", "technician", " electronics technician ", " engineering technician ", "test technician", and so forth. You'd be surprised whats available for your specialized skillset.

A pilot project.

Tony in Lewisville, Texas. Dallas TX I am an electronics technician myself, but have no avionics experience and therefore do not qualify. Highly-trained avionics engineers look to you for advice, guidance and support as they tackle a range of complex problems, in challenging environments, all over the world. Your second-to-none medical knowledge is a given. It could be a conflict zone where your patients are your friends, or a leadership role at a tri-service hospital.

Healthy mind, healthy body: our people need both. No room for error. From the ops room of a Type 45 Destroyer to preparing essential weaponry, this job comes with serious responsibility as you take part in crucial operations, all over the world. Make sure that our world-class jets and helicopters are in the right place at the right time, by playing a key role in providing our airborne capability.

The go-to for information that shapes the operational decision-making process. Your insight will transform raw data into an indispensable analysis of the situation. This is no ordinary apprenticeship, for people who want to become extraordinary sailors. Can you lead the leaders?

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Your determination knows no bounds, just like your ability to get the most out of your team. Everyone looks to the Engineering Technicians to keep the ship moving. And they look to you. Marine Engineer Officers lead the day-to-day maintenance of our most cutting-edge kit.

Navy sees recruiting challenges on the horizon

Adaptability is key. Saving the lives of the people who risk theirs. Logistics is the backbone of the Royal Navy; Logistics Officers are its leaders. You make sure your crewmates have what they need, when they need it — all over the world. These vital factors, and millions of pounds-worth of equipment, are in your hands.

Lead a team in providing vital occupational mental health to personnel all over the world and develop as a practitioner in unique environments unparalleled to civilian medicine. The smooth running of a ship is about much more than on-point kit. Travel the world in this unique job — in a unique environment.

Want to combine variety and adventure with your medical career? Being a Medical Assistant puts you in the heart of the action.

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  6. Fake Apologies Are on the Rise.
  7. You could be training with Special Forces in West Africa, or working in primary care on board a ship in the Persian Gulf. Push yourself — and your skillset — to new limits. Help deliver world-class dental healthcare, all over the world. From a shore establishment in the UK, to a portable dental unit in the Middle East. This role goes beyond providing world-class medical care. Joining the Royal Marines Reserve means being a part-time soldier but a fully trained Commando.

    This could be anywhere — with civilian and private traffic, extreme weather and potential conflict to consider — the need for you to be completely on the ball becomes even greater.

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    Lives are in your hands. You could be taking part in exercises on an Assault Ship in the Indian Ocean. Or providing recommendations and treatment for serving personnel in conflict zones. Your job will be as varied as it is crucial to ensuring our people are mentally fit for service. The work you do will cover all areas of the ship.

    Travel the world as part bomb disposal master, part sub-aqua specialist. As a Royal Navy Physical Trainer, you will be the person responsible for organising and delivering sporting, fitness and adventurous training opportunities, and for ensuring our people remain injury free and have the support and advice required to lead a healthy life. Being a Dental Officer in the Royal Navy means delivering world-class care in challenging environments across the globe.

    But they will for you as a Reserve Nursing Officer. That means working with some of the most advanced aircraft on the planet, like the F Joint Strike Fighter.